Wedding fairs: what to expect

I have fallen behind on my blog posts recently but I'm back and so I thought as spring is fast approaching and wedding season is taking off I'd share with you what you can expect at a wedding fair (also known as a showcase or exhibition)

What is a wedding fair?

A wedding fair is to give you inspiration and meet with suppliers such as cake makers, makeup artists, photographers, hair stylists, musicians, magicians, caterers, set designers and much more. All will help inspire you or give direction and ideas for your wedding day.

Is there a fee to attend?

If it's labelled 'showcase' or 'fair' very often not, however an exhibition is usually a larger venue and will have catwalks showcasing wedding dresses and suits so there may be a small fee.

I haven't set a wedding date yet?

Don't let this put you off attending as suppliers aren't there to force sales on you. It's just a lovely morning out for yourself and partner or family and friends to go to for that extra bit of wedding excitement and inspo.

Will I get free stuff?

To be completely honest no, suppliers are there to introduce themselves and show off what they have to offer. They may offer discounts if you sign up on the day or give you a quote but I have never received anything but a glass of Prosecco and nibbles.

Tips for attending

  • Take a note book for dotting down suppliers names and anything that you may forget as there is so much to see.

  • Keep your budget in mind, it's so easy to get distracted and go over. Remember you still have a honeymoon to budget for also.

  • Take a firm friend or family member so you stay on track (if you're anything like me you'll see something pretty and think you need it)

  • Pick up business cards, they will refresh your memory and have the suppliers contact on.

  • Ask advice; don't be shy the suppliers are there to help and advise. They are specialists in their chosen field so I'm sure they'll be packed full of knowledge which they'll happily share.

Tips for suppliers

  • Body language is so important, keep in mind you're presenting your work and offering that customer service in which you want it to come across friendly and approachable.

  • Treat every customer like the last, don't offer red carpet service to one and not another.

  • TOP TIP Take an interest in the client. When I take their details I'll write something personal down that they told me or note what we spoke of. Adding that personal touch when you interact next really shows you were listening.

  • Grooming; dress to give you confidence, I firmly believe what you wear or how you style your hair can really install confidence. Have a manicure and keep some hand sanitiser and cream beside you as you'll be shaking a lot of hands and giving out business cards, a well groomed hand says a lot, especially if you're a makeup artist.

  • Stand presentation; keep it clear and free from rubbish, showcase you best work which you can passionately talk about. I love it when someone tells a story about their work which leaves me with my final tip.

  • Story telling; show your passion and love for your job through sharing your background, how you started and what you love most about your job.

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