My night time skin routine

So many people ask 'whats your skin routine?' but I'm rarely asked whats your night time routine so I thought I'd share with you which products I use before I catch my zzzz's.

The routine and products I use work for my skin type will not work for all so bear this in mind and do your research into which products are best suited for your skin type then apply using my method.

My skin type is generally normal, depending on the season and time of the month as it can get a little oily through my T-zone.

FACT!!! Did you know that your skin replenishes its self in the hours of 11pm-2:30am? So start unwinding at least an hour before bed, sip a cup of chamomile tea or burn essential oils like lavender in your bedroom to set a calm relaxing space to sleep.

Step 1: I massage cleansing oil/balm onto my dry face, it melts down my makeup gently whilst I enjoy a little facial massage. I leave my eyes till last then rinse with warm water. I then switch the tap to cold and splash my face to help tighten and close my pores.

Step 2: I apply eye cream under my eyes lightly massaging outwards then finish by tapping delicately with my finger tips. I also take my eye cream on and around my brows, as I want to battle anti-ageing as best I can, also the eye cream I use helps the regrowth of the brows.

Step 3: I next massage into my face and neck with night cream, I use one that is packed full of oils so this means I skip applying serum as it has all the ingredients to benefit my skin through its replenishing process.

Step 4: My favourite part of my night routine, I use a night cream for my body which I rub on my wrists and shoulders as well as spritz my pjs with the complimenting spray. I'm an awful sleeper most the time, just can't switch off so I find this helps me drift off with the beautiful scents of lavender and sweet tonka.

And that is me done, I keep it simple. See the list of products I use below - all cruelty free!

Face cleanser - Charlotte Tilbury multi miracle glow

Eye cream - Charlotte Tilbury magic eye rescue

Night cream - Charlotte Tilbury magic night cream

Body lotion - LUSH sleepy body lotion

Body spray - LUSH twilight body spray

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