Want fuller lips?

Lets all be honest some of these celebs are starting to look a little scary don't you think? And these weird lip enhancer tools that suck up your lips to create a fuller look, just no! Ladies your lips look swollen and you need a heap of concealer to cover up the redness!

So follow my simple steps to fuller voluminous lips - no Botox, fillers or silly tools needed!!

For voluminous more plumped up lips apply a dark liner (Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat in iconic nude is a great shout) to the outer corners and blend inwards, then apply a lighter shade lipstick with a dab of gloss (personal favourite seduction or Ibiza nights lip lustre by Charlotte Tilbury) in the centre and to finish highlight your cupids bow.

For fuller lips apply a skin tone liner that matches your natural lip (again Charlotte Tilbury has some of the best natural tones, Pillow talk is a good winner for me) around the whole outer part of the lips and then apply your favourite shade to finish.

And finally, I know this is a bug bearer for a lot of people and I frequently get asked this. "How do I make my upper lip appear bigger so my lips are more symmetrical" EASY! Apply the last step to just the top or bottom if that is the lip you feel lacks plumpness and tadaaaaa there goes your kissable symmetrical lips!

2017 Amy Louise Nash MUA . With love Amy