Valentines: Pucker up ladies

Finding that perfect lip shade is always a tricky one, especially if choosing red as WOW there are so many out there. So where do you start?... Okay so think of colours that compliment each other and consider your eye colour as well as your skin tone when picking that desirable red.

True Red - Pink Red - Blue Red - Orange Red - Brown Red

Skin tone:

Fair to light - True red, orange red

Light to medium - Pink red, true red, blue red, brown red

Medium to golden - Orange red, true red, brown red

Dark to deep - Orange red (warm undertones) True red, pink red (cool undertones)

Eye colours:

Blue, cool - True red, orange red, brown red

Grey, cool - Pink red

Green, cool - True red, orange red, brown red, pink red

Hazel, warm - Orange red, brown red

Brown, warm - Pink red

Hope the above has helped ladies and you gorgeous red heads out there don't be afraid of that bright red lip too many of you shy away from it, I'm a red head and LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour so have some fun girls and show your fiery side. Another top tip for you darker skinned beauties go for a strong pigment lipstick, as anything that is sheer wont show the true colour and can make the lips look ashy.

Now go have fun shopping for that perfect valentines red!

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