I'm doing this for ME

Hey everyone, so this blog is about being confident and going for what you are passionate about. For me that's being my own boss and making up beautiful faces whether that be for a wedding, an occasion or TV. Make-up is my absolute love!!!

Growing up and playing with make-up my friends and family all said 'there's no career there Amy', how ever in later years they've all supported me. (thank you)

Me playing with colour in the 90's!!

Make-up a century ago wasn't seen as a career as such, it was seen as a hobby. Where as these days it's one of the most competitive job roles out there. Celebrities are bringing out their own make-up brands along with self taught Instagram and youtube make-up gurus. Thanks to these they have made make-up artistry go right to the top when it comes to jobs, like Australia for example; a country in demand for artists! Hello when is the next flight?...

So what I'm saying is, just because something you love doing isn't voted most popular or in the top ten for jobs doesn't mean you should stop following your dream. Go for it and grab it, take every opportunity that comes your way, don't be like myself who did listen a little to others and stopped for a few years because now I'm playing catch up!

So here I am I'm going to give it a shot!! I'm focusing on me, my happiness, and my future. With all those in mind comes strong self belief and determination, aint nobody stopping me!

A thank you....

I want to thank everyone close to me for all the support these last few months, especially my partner as I switched from full time to part time to focus on my freelance and it's really paid off!! Also I want to thank all my followers new and old for being so fabulous and showing an interest in my work, I hope I make you all proud...Okay so enough of the soppy stuff!! Catch you all next Sunday for my weekly blog spot x

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2017 Amy Louise Nash MUA . With love Amy