Feed your skin: some things you'll sure be adding to your basket

Ladies looking after your skin is so important and it can be done without spending a fortune on beauty products after all you are what you eat. Since January I've been on a major clean eating get fit plan like most people in January, yes I've had the odd flop but what has kept me pretty much focused without dipping into too much chocolate and the cheeky take-out is that my skin has improved massively. Research is everything and I've enjoyed reading blogs, as most the bloggers have tried and tested so you know more or less it'll work for you.

A little research I found quite interesting is that if you are a big meat eater you should consider how much you are in taking, as meat tends to be harder to digest which can cause skin problems like acne. So cut down on your portions and make sure you're drinking plenty of water and eating a good amount of fibre, as these two play an important part in a meat eater's diet as they help the digestive system. Also try swapping meat for fish, I eat sooo much more fish now not only is my skin better but my gut is too. Okay so I'm not going to go into depth about diets as I'm not a nutritionist but I am going to give a short list of foods and drinks that will help promote healthy skin and will have short and long term affects!!

WATER!!! Ladies drink up, water will hydrate your skin making it more plumped. Good tip don't buy a two litre bottle of water because lets be realistic lugging that around will soon ache your shoulder plus it may ruin your Micheal Kors. Go for a 500ml and top it up on the go, also include 1 glass with breakfast and tea.

Blueberries! Rich in vitamin C which is a anti ageing component as it helps the production of collagen retaining the elasticity in the skin. (Drop a few on to yoghurt or add to your morning smoothie) See my smoothie blog next week for some yummy recipes!!

Fish! Rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help with inflammatory, so all you acne suffers start including tuna, sardines and salmon into your meals and you'll see a reduction over time.

Whole grain products! I know I know white bread and rice as so much tastier but they don't digest as well, so next time you're in Marks & Sparks pick up the smarter option, your gut will thank you and in the long run your skin too!

Broccoli! I LOVE MY GREENS and the darker the better. Another anti ageing food here as broccoli is high in vitamin A & C which help fight fine lines and yup you know it, Vitamin C which helps with the collagen production meaning a younger you.

Green tea! Okay hands down this is not the best tasting tea and when you're used to a PG tip with a splash of milk it is hard to introduce, but you should try even if it's one cup a day because it's a powerful antioxidant and will go towards your water intake.

Sweet potato! Yum, who doesn't love sweet potato fries? They are delicious! This tasty potato can be thrown into so many different meals and is packed with vitamin A which will help reduce wrinkles.

Yoghurt! Excellent for the digestive system helping with inflammation. If you are acne prone or have Rosacea including yoghurt into your diet will benefit you so much, leaving your skin less inflamed.

Avocado! This is a food packed of healthy fats, vitamin A & C and is a good source of fibre. This super food will give you a healthy complexion making your skin appear more radiant. It's delicious in a salad or with an egg on toast, one of my personal faves for breakfast but in all honesty this food is better on your face than on your plate.

Vitamin D! What none of us in the UK get enough of. I take a supplement from October to April and I can honestly say when I don't take it I am so lethargic. The benefits of vitamin D for the skin are - it helps reduce dark spots, boosts collagen, helps skins elasticity and enhances the skins surface leaving it more even. This is an all round winner!

So ladies next time you'e shopping think about what you're putting in your basket!

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