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A Luxurious Treatment for Lacklustre and Ageing Skin


Is your skin feeling dull and lacking in radiance?

Our BRIGHTEN & RENEW treatment is specifically designed to target signs of ageing and boost your skin's firmness, elasticity, and overall radiance.

Key Ingredients: Omega Rich, Vitamin E, Glow-Boosting Super Berries, Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract

Our BRIGHTEN & RENEW treatment is formulated with a carefully selected blend of powerful ingredients, including omega-rich oils, vitamin E, glow-boosting super berries, and kangaroo paw flower extract. These ingredients work together to deeply nourish and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it looking and feeling brighter, firmer, and more youthful.


Benefits: Boosts Firmness, Elasticity, Brightens Complexion, and Age-Defying

Our BRIGHTEN & RENEW treatment deeply nourishes your skin, it helps to boost firmness and elasticity, while brightening your complexion and reducing the signs of ageing. The addition of glow-boosting super berries and kangaroo paw flower extract helps to provide your skin with the ultimate age-defying treatment.

Treatment Options: Express (£35/30 mins) and Luxury (£50/60 mins)

We offer two treatment options to suit your needs. Our express treatment is perfect for those short on time, delivering all the benefits of BRIGHTEN & RENEW in just 30 minutes. Alternatively, our luxury treatment provides you with the ultimate pampering experience, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy the benefits of BRIGHTEN & RENEW for a full 60 minutes.


Experience the ultimate age-defying treatment with BRIGHTEN & RENEW. Book your treatment today and give your skin the boost it deserves!

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